What is Myrtle Beach Most Famous For?

Myrtle Beach is one of South Carolina's most popular tourist destinations due to its wide beaches, challenging golf courses, delicious seafood restaurants and outlet shopping activities.

What is Myrtle Beach Most Famous For?

Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination along South Carolina's South Atlantic coast. It is renowned for its wide beaches, its vast selection of challenging golf courses, its delicious seafood restaurants and its outlet shopping activities. It's the beach that draws millions of visitors to the Grand Strand each year, and there's plenty of space for them to spread out along the 60 miles of coastline. Its white sand beaches and relatively calm ocean waters make it an ideal spot for children of all ages to swim, surf, sunbathe and build sandcastles.

One of the best things about Myrtle Beach is its abundance of public beaches. Unlike many beach resorts where the beach is privately owned, Myrtle Beach offers access to the beach on almost every block and has wooden walkways, bathrooms and showers with sprinklers so you don't have to take too much sand home. Myrtle Beach is one of the major tourist centers in South Carolina and the United States. The city's warm subtropical climate, miles of beaches, 86 golf courses and 1,800 restaurants attract more than 20 million visitors each year, making Myrtle Beach one of the most visited destinations in the country.

Snowfall is very rare in Myrtle Beach; however, at least one snowfall occurs a few times every decade. From April to September, visitors can enjoy a Myrtle Beach Pelicans baseball game for fun in the old stadium and free fireworks shows can be seen in the sky all over the coast. Whether it's all-you-can-eat buffets, rustic oyster bars, fancy restaurants or seafood shacks with holes in the wall, your taste buds can be satisfied with fish in Myrtle Beach. With approximately 90 quality courses, many of them designed by some of the game's legends, Myrtle Beach is a golfer's paradise.

No trip to the coast is complete without trying local seafood, and it turns out that Myrtle Beach is no exception. The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel is an impressive attraction and the pride and joy of the 1.2-mile boardwalk. It is located in the center of a long, continuous 60-mile (97 km) stretch of beach known as The Grand Strand, in the northeastern part of the state. According to the Köppen climate classification, Myrtle Beach has a humid subtropical climate or Cfa, typical of the Gulf and South Atlantic states.

This family received an area around the current Wither's Swash, also known as Myrtle Swash or Eight-Mile Swash. Every March since 1951, during Ontario's spring break, Myrtle Beach has hosted Canadian-American Days, also known as Can-Am Days. The warm Atlantic Ocean reaches 27°C (80°F) or higher in the summer months off Myrtle Beach, making summer nights warm and muggy. The Myrtle Beach Convention Center is a large facility that hosts a variety of meetings, conferences, exhibitions and special events every year.

Tropical cyclones occasionally affect Myrtle Beach, although weaker tropical storms and weak tropical lows are more common. Some of the roads included were funded with funding from the Road Improvement Development Effort (RIDE I) or through the city of Myrtle Beach.

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